PayStub Template Options

PayStub Template Options

Choose a Pay Stub Creation Tool: Traditional or Advanced

Pay stubs can be valuable tools, whether you’re an employer, employee, contractor, or freelancer.

Collating and keeping traditional or advanced pay stubs is an important part of good record-keeping for those interested in maintaining good financial health, but first, you need a way to create them. At PayStubs 365, we’ve built simple tools that allow workers and employers to generate pay stubs online quickly and easily.

All you need to do in choose and fill in a pay stub template:

For small-business owners, it can’t get any simpler, and using an online pay stub generator is also much more affordable than other bookkeeping tools.

All you have to do to successfully create pay stubs online is fill in the fields in the template with the pertinent information about an employee or 1099 worker. Then, simply answer standard questions in the pay stub template for small-business owners or workers, such as the number of stubs that you need, your state, how often paychecks are issued, pay period dates, and whether the pay is hourly or salaried. Continue with information about the pay rate, hours worked, and allowances. Finish with information including employment status, marital status, and Social Security number (SSN).

To simplify the pay stub creation process, we offer a template layout that automatically updates to show you how your pay stub will look with each piece of information that you enter or change.

Scroll down to the part of the pay stub creation tool that looks like a pay stub, then enter information into the template including the company name, company address, worker’s name and address, worker’s employee ID number, the pay period, and the pay date. You’ll see how the pay stub creation tool updates the image of your custom pay stub.

Great record-keeping is based on accuracy, so when you make your own pay stubs online, be sure to click on “Preview Your Pay Stub” to see how your earning statement will look before you place your order. Check for any mistakes; if you find any, just close the preview and you’ll be able to fix them. Once you’re satisfied with how your pay stub looks, click the picture of the shopping cart to place your order. We’ll remove any watermarks from the pay stubs that you’ll receive to ensure a polished, professional final product.

Try our pay stub templates for yourself today and see how simple it is to create your own earning statements with PayStubs 365!