What Is the Difference Between Real and Fake Pay Stubs?

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Fake pay stubs can be difficult to spot because they look so authentic. Using a pay stub generator app will ensure you have accurate and true pay stubs. However, there are a few details to look out for in pay stubs that can help you determine whether the pay stub is real or fake.

What Are Fake Pay Stubs?

Fake paycheck stubs are pay stubs that are made to look real but are fake. They are typically made to make you believe they have income from their job when they don’t. Fake check stubs look almost identical to a true pay stub but have specific details that help distinguish the two.

What Do Fake Pay Stubs Look Like?

Fake paycheck stubs look almost indistinguishable from an actual pay stub. Fake pay stub generators usually contain generic information, like name or occupation. Be sure to check that the name and occupation are correct with no spelling errors. Spelling mistakes are common in fake pay stubs and are usually one of the first red flags when learning how to spot a fake pay stub.

All the decimal points and digits should line up correctly and stay consistent throughout the pay stub. There should be a clear difference between the letter O and the number 0. Many invalid pay stubs have this error, and it is often overlooked because they look so similar.

It could be fake if you see many rounded numbers on the pay stub. Most pay stubs have exact numbers like $1,047.53 and not $1,000.00. A fake pay stub will not have all the information about a person’s taxes, deductions, bonuses, and earnings made throughout a pay period as an advanced pay stub does.

Can Paystubs Be Verified?

While you can certainly look at the pay stub carefully to verify if it is true or false, there are other ways to verify the validity of a traditional pay stub.

Call the Employer

Not every employer will verify how much the employee makes, but they will be able to inform you if they work there. If you use a phone number provided by the possible fake pay stub, be aware that this person’s friend could be pretending to be their employer. You should research the employer on your own to find out accurate information.

Ask for a W2 Form

A W2 form will list gross income, deductions, and tax information. W2’s are difficult to replicate, so it will be evident if the W2 is fake.

Request Bank Statements

A bank statement should verify if the pay stub is real or fake. If it is accurate, the bank statements will indicate whether the income from the pay stub was deposited or not.

Can You Get in Trouble for Using Fake Pay Stubs?

Faking a pay stub is considered a criminal act. The penalty for fake pay stubs is being fined and facing possible jail time. If you were to receive a loan because of a fake pay stub, the fines and jail time are much more severe depending on how much money was borrowed and if you can pay it back.

How to Ensure You Only Get Real Check Stubs

To ensure you get accurate and 100 percent real pay stubs instead of fake pay stubs, you should use a pay stub generator like Paystubs 365. You can generate your stubs within minutes and receive it instantly. Generate pay stubs today with our pay stub generator.

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