Using Pay Stubs to Verify Employment

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Using Pay Stubs to Verify


Verifying employment is important for banks, landlords, and government entities if you plan on renting or are applying for a loan. These sources look at documents that provide proof of income as well as proof of employment to ensure you are able to make timely regular payments.

Pay stubs verify employment better than many other forms like W2s and 1099s because they usually include a person’s name, address, job title, gross earnings over a specific pay period, and employer information. The actual structure of a pay stub may vary from company to company, but for the most part, it has everything a landlord or lender needs to verify your employment. Using the information on a pay stub a lender or landlord may contact the employer to ensure that all the listed information is correct.

Need a Pay Stub for Job Verification? Pay

Stubs 365 Can Help!

If you’re a small business owner, a contracted employee, or a self-employed individual, you may not be receiving regular pay stubs to prove that you’re employed even when you are! In that case, you can use the online generator PayStubs 365 to provide a detailed record of your current employment, as well as your recent pay with accurate compensation, deductions, and exemptions listed. When you order from us, you’ll get a pay stub that functions exactly the same as a pay stub from a corporate job! The online template makes it fast and easy to include all your necessary work information, creating a pay stub for employment verification that will help you through your application process.

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How Do You Get Started?

Our‌ ‌pay‌ ‌stub‌ ‌generator‌ ‌is‌ ‌easy‌ ‌to‌ ‌use:‌ ‌

1. Select‌ ‌from one of our four templates.
2. Fill‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌blanks‌ ‌with‌ ‌the‌ ‌information‌ ‌required.
3. Preview‌ ‌your‌ ‌pay‌ ‌stub,‌ ‌pay,‌ ‌and‌ ‌print.‌