Have you Recently Switched Jobs? How to Request Information From Previous Employer

Requesting personal employment history

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If you are applying for a new job, it is likely that you need to request information from previous employers to obtain your work history and employment dates. This sounds like a difficult task, but it doesn’t need to be.

How to Find My Personal Employment History

Your employment history is a list of jobs you have had in the past, that includes your job titles and dates you were employed. A lot of the time when applying for a new job, you will need to list your employment history on your job application. If you have been employed for a long period of time, finding your job history can be difficult if you don’t remember exactly when you worked at each job.

Why You Need To Know Your Employment History

When you are applying for a new job, your new job will likely want an accurate record of when and where you have previously worked, especially if they need to do a background check. You also will need to know your employment history if you are applying for unemployment benefits, as it is a step in their application process.

Your employment history can be recreated through the Social Security Administration, your state tax department, unemployment department, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or your past employers.

Finding Your Employment History

You can recreate your employment history yourself, without the help of companies saying they will help you for free. You do not need a company to help you find your employment history. Call your state tax department or your local unemployment office because they can usually release your employment history, as long as you worked in the same state. 

Most states have easily accessible ways to pull your personal employment history. Some states refer to it as a “Self Request for Records” and others refer to it as a transcript of your tax wages and withholding. If you fill out a “Request for Social Security Earnings Information” form, you will receive your unemployment history in a statement from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA will provide you with detailed information regarding your employers, employment dates, work history, and your earnings. 

It is also a good idea to reach out to your previous employers individually because they will likely still have a record of when you worked there, your earnings, and your dates of employment. You should know how to reach out to an old boss for a reference or request employment verification letter from a previous employer as well. All you will need to do for an income verification letter is call your former employer and ask them to send a letter out to you stating your previous employment. To obtain a reference from your former boss, just call.

How to Get a W2?

If you do not receive your W2 by the middle of February, there are a few ways you can know how to request W2 from previous employers. You should contact your former employer directly or you can reach out to their HR department. If the organization is small enough to not have an HR department, you should try speaking to your former boss. Mistakes happen, so if it was a mistake that you didn’t yet receive your W2, then a simple phone call should fix the situation.

In case you tried reaching out to your former employer without any success, you should contact the IRS.

How to Get Pay Stubs From a Previous Employer?

Pay stubs provide proof of employment, wages earned, and show deductions made from a specific pay period. To recover your previous pay stubs, you will need to contact your former supervisor or your former HR department. 

You need to keep pay stubs as they are necessary for a multitude of reasons. If you don’t receive physical pay stubs because you are a small business owner, independent contractor, or freelancer, Paystubs 365 can help verify your income and keep track of it just like a paystub would. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, or your records becoming destroyed are just a few reasons to keep pay stubs, besides needing them to apply for a new job.

Final Thoughts

If you are a small business owner or freelancer, you know that pay stubs are not easy to access since you are being paid in a variety of different ways. Finding ways to request for information from previous employers can be difficult since you work with so many clients. Check out our paystubs generator and start generating paystubs today!

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