3 Key Signs It’s Time To Switch to a New Pay Stub Generator

3 Key Signs It’s Time To Switch to a New Pay Stub Generator

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As your business grows, you must grow too. Few things are more important than getting your employees paid on-time. Making sure they have an accurate paystub on payday is a close second but inputting the numbers in a spreadsheet yourself sets you up for failure. If you find yourself in any of the following three situations, it might be time to switch to a pay stub generator.  

1. You’re Finding Errors More Frequently

The number one reason why you should switch to a pay stub generator is to limit errors. You’re human and if you or someone else is manually inputting all the numbers, you’re bound to make errors. Spreadsheets are nice but they’ll only get you so far. Between broken links, formulas, human error, and spreadsheet updates, you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

Using a pay stub generator doesn’t require any unique software or special paper to create pay stubs. All you need to do is manually input what information you have and the pay stub creator will do all the calculations for you. You don’t have to rely on formulas or hours of manual labor anymore. 

2. Employees Are Waiting For Pay Stubs 

Many companies have switched to direct deposit methods of payment where the employees pay goes directly into their bank account or onto a prepaid card. Because of this, pay stubs are even more important for the employee to be able to see how much money came out of their pay in taxes, what they’ve contributed to flex spending accounts, and so on. They need to be able to see all of this and it needs to be accurate for tax and loan purposes. 

If your employees aren’t receiving their pay stubs on payday, you’re doing something wrong. It’s your responsibility to verify all of the payment information they know to be true with accurate figures and do so in a timely fashion. But, as a business grows, it becomes more demanding. You might have more employees than you did a few years ago and now it’s getting more difficult to keep up with how many pay stubs you need to generate. Doing it manually is no longer an option and that’s why you need the best pay stub generator for the job. 

3. You’ve Outgrown Past Procedures 

There are few things more exciting than growing your business. While it might be thrilling, it can also be nerve-wracking having to be responsible for something with a lot of legal repercussions. Making mistakes on a pay stub can not only be a problem for your employees but it could lead to an audit of your finances as well. As time goes on and your business grows, you need to grow with it.

This means it’s time to make an investment in your business and make a change that you can utilize going forward. Switching to a paystub generator online is one of the best ways to ensure that your employees always have accurate and up-to-date pay stubs on payday. Best of all, you don’t have to manually input everything yourself and you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or rushing through it at the last minute. 

There’s a reason why so many people love Pay Stubs 365. Start generating paystubs today!

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